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Brunel University Innovation Voucher

Liquid Vision are excited to have been awarded an Innovation Voucher from Brunel University. We will be working closely with Professor Wamadeva Balachandran to optimise the electronics circuitry for Liquid Vision’s sensor for olive oil analysis.

Jack O’Byrne, LVI’s Director, said “This is a great opportunity for Liquid Vision to access the know-how and prototyping facilities at Brunel. I graduated from Brunel in Mechanical Engineering, so it’s also great to be back on campus and see how many new developments have taken place since then!”.

This new collaboration will strengthen Liquid Vision’s research activities and provides scope for future development of new sensors with Brunel.

Demonstration voucher from INCluSilver

Liquid Vision are delighted to have been awarded a demonstration voucher from INCluSilver to further develop an optical sensor for real-time assessment of extra virgin olive oil quality, in collaboration with AVLAKI, an extra virgin olive oil producer. Recent studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet, including daily consumption of extra virgin olive oil, can increase survival among older Europeans. The project will stimulate the food industry to sustainably produce healthier and higher quality foods, with positive impacts on personalised nutrition, particularly for the silver population. The INCluSilver project is funded by the EU under H2020 to develop innovation in personalised nutrition for the elderly. You can read more about the INCluSilver project here.

Ideas Innovation Voucher from INCluSilver

Liquid Vision Innovation are delighted to have received an Ideas Innovation Voucher from INCluSilver to attend the first innovation training and networking event in Budapest. The INCluSilver project is funded by the EU under H2020 to develop innovation in personalised nutrition for the elderly. INCluSilver is responding to the Silver Economy’s needs by supporting collaboration between five sectors; namely, Agro-food, ICT, Health, Packaging, and Creative Industries. Of particular relevance to Liquid Vision Innovation’s aims, INCluSilver has a goal to stimulate the food industry to produce healthier, high-quality foods in a safe, sustainable, and affordable way by applying the concept of Industry 4.0.

First Innovate UK grant

Liquid Vision Innovation have been awarded their first Innovate UK grant within the Health and Life Sciences R3 call. The project, titled “Real-time assessment of olive oil quality through the supply chain”, runs from October 2017 to March 2018, and is a technical and commercial feasibility study into the optical characteristics of a range of edible oils, with a focus on extra virgin olive oil. Liquid Vision Innovation are working with a range of UK edible oil producers, including Edible Oils Limited, the largest UK producer of olive oil, and AVLAKI, an organic extra virgin olive oil producer with groves on Lesvos Island, Greece.